Tuesday, December 02, 2014


As I mentioned a couple days ago, my renewed interest in mountain biking led me to crack open a few magazines. In the new issue of Bike, two different writers mentioned the Specialized bib liners with SWAT as part of their essential equipment choices.

When I saw them I had to buy some. I ordered a pair immediately.

What is SWAT? It's a really dumb marketing acronym. What does it stand for? Storage, Water, Air, Tools.

Idiotic name aside, the idea is awesome. I have been wearing bib shorts and bib knickers under baggie shorts for a while now. I really hate wearing a tight road jersey with baggy shorts, though. It looks dumb, but I need the pockets to carry my stuff. Baggy jerseys look better, and feel better, but carrying anything in the pocket is awful. Your stuff bounces and swings all over the place. Any guy knows you don't want your junk bouncing around; you want it held up high and tight.

The SWAT system introduces pockets to the liner. So now I can wear baggy shorts AND a baggy jersey AND carry my crap. Nice.