Sunday, April 03, 2016


We took a timeout from the craziness of life for a quick trip to Monterey. Easter came early this year, so consequently spring break was earlier too. Because I am required to work the first half of April for tax season, this allowed us to take a rare spring break trip. Unfortunately we missed a baseball game. It was the first game the boy has ever missed, and he was a little distraught, but he got over it.

We went to the wharf:

We rode our bikes.

We drove our new truck:

We rode our bikes.

We went to the aquarium:

We rode our bikes.

We watched the sun rise:

We rode our bikes.

We saw some magnificent scenery:

You get the picture. We ride a lot in Monterey.

I even had a rare picture taken of me.

It was a nice getaway, but far too short. Now I am back to the reality of chaos and tax season. Back to the grind.