Monday, April 06, 2015


I am winding down after taking a long weekend at the coast. We played a little baseball and Frisbee by the water, rode our bikes, visited the aquarium and ate some good food.

The boy rode his new bike and liked it.

Jenn rode her old bike and liked it.

The weather was a bit cool, but not bad.

We managed to dodge the predicted rain yet again. Our luck on trips is incredible. Of course, it hasn't rained much in California the last few years.

It was a nice getaway and a much-needed break.


Wednesday, April 01, 2015

New Bike

Not for me, though.

After only two years, the boy has outgrown his Felt 24-inch mountain bike. With an upcoming trip on the horizon, it was time for him to step up to some 26" wheels.

I had him ride Jenn's travel bike, which is a small On One Inbred. It fit well, so I bought the same frame except the geared model.

I had most of the parts on hand except for the wheels, which I had to build up. He wanted a little bling so I bought him a gold Origin 8 headset and Salsa seat clamp.

We teamed up on the build, which was fun. Everything went together smoothly. Most of the components are older Deore XT, but they have plenty of life left.

Now he knows that building a bike really isn't that difficult.

Even when building a bike, the boy is never far from a basketball.

Today we took the completed product out for a shakedown ride. It ran well and he really seemed to like it.

In a couple days we'll be hitting the road for a little spring break trip. Should be fun.