Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I bought this tonight:

I purchased it here on sale for $750 and free shipping. Too good to pass up. Should be fun.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Riding Season

The blog went dark for a bit. It is no small coincidence that the post blackout occurred during the same time as the Little League season. Coaching baseball is a bit of a time consumer.

Our baseball season came to a close a couple weeks ago, and my free time has markedly increased. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when given an extra eight hours a week. Some of the time was gobbled up by neglected home projects, but some was actually used for a little much-needed fun.

Baseball season was rough. Really rough. Our team looked great on paper, but baseball is played on grass and dirt, not paper. On the field the team chemistry just wasn’t there. Personality conflicts, squabbling, tempers and attitude problems all contributed to a stressful and unsuccessful campaign. I love baseball, and I miss the game itself already, but I am still thankful this particular season is over. I heavily invest in the success of my own son and all the other players. The failure of our team as a whole weighed heavily on my psyche.

Now it’s time to focus on myself and getting healthy, both physically and mentally. I am riding more. Slowly but surely my fitness is improving as my rides get longer. I rode six times last week, and it was nice to feel that old leg fatigue. Tired legs, clear head, happy heart. Or something like that.