Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dirty Pigs

The swine flu is coming. This is fact. I know it because my employer, the illustrious State of California, is preparing for it. The government of California is never wrong.

Witness the new sign in my restroom at work:

It joins the helpful sign from earlier this summer which pleads with us to save our water:

The hand washing sign goes into great detail regarding the proper way to wash one's hands:

I especially like the part where you are told to leave the water running, walk to the paper towel holder, dispense the paper towels, dry your hands, walk back to the faucet, and THEN you carefully use the paper towel to turn off that precious water.

Nice. I wonder why this state is bankrupt?



  1. Even better is how the best-dressed employees always seem to be the ones that take a dump, then walk out without washing their hands, or just running water over them (no soap) for a few seconds, then the paper towel! Nice!

  2. Very true in my experience. I think in an environment where there are no rules REQUIRING one to dress well, the people who do dress well seem to be the type who feel their shit does not stink. Therefore, no hand washing is required. I mean, why wash your hands if you shit daisies and daffodils?