Saturday, February 01, 2014

Time Out

This week Jenn and I took some time for ourselves and went to Monterey. Normally we stay at the Embassy Suites in Seaside, but this time we stayed at a place called Hotel 1110 closer to the wharf. In a word, it was "quaint." And by that I mean small, old and noisy.

After checking in with the indifferent owner, we went out for a quick 20-mile ride to the south.

It was a bit cool and breezy, but not bad.

A beach in Pacific Grove.

The sun on its way down.

After our ride we showered and had a beer (free!) in the hotel lobby/bar. There we met the wife of the owner, a delightful Lebanese woman. We later had dinner at Crab Louie's, and it was just OK.

The next day we had breakfast (free!) at the hotel. Over the course of our stay, we sampled a few different forms of runny, under-cooked eggs. After getting our daily dose of salmonella, we walked to the wharf for coffee and some window shopping.

Later in the morning we rode north to the end of the trail, a 25-mile round trip. The weather started out sunny and fairly warm.

Jenn rides away from me on a climb.

On the way back the fog rolled in and it became much colder.

Somewhere out there the ocean hides under the blanket of fog.

After our ride we walked to Cannery Row and had dinner at the Monterey Brewing Company. This was my favorite meal of the trip--good food, good beer and a fun waitress.

On day three we again walked to the wharf for our morning coffee. I took a few black and white pictures that just felt right considering the foggy morning.

In the afternoon we rode to the south towards Carmel.

 Some guy on a bike. You can tell he is struggling to suck in his gut.

A Heermann's Gull. He really wanted some of our trail mix.

This is Seal Rock. Not sure why.

The seals that are not lucky enough to score a spot on the rock sleep on their side in the water. Notice how one flipper sticks up in the air.

Later that night we walked to the aquarium. Since we arrived an hour before closing on a Wednesday, the place was empty. It was great. Here's a Giant Pacific Octopus, one of two on exhibit, both of which normally hide whenever we go.

Reef fish:



After the aquarium we had dinner at the Fish Hopper. The food is expensive and the portions are small, but it's a nice dining experience.

The next morning we drank our eggs and headed out for a ride.

 Ice plant is an invasive species originating from South Africa. The Army used it for erosion control. Although the State, County and private volunteers are actively removing the plant to restore native vegetation, it does make for picturesque scenery.

A dune free of ice plant.

The last rest stop.

After the ride, we took quick showers, checked out and hit the road.

It was only four days, but it was a much needed vacation and I am thankful we were able to spend some quality time together.


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