Monday, May 23, 2011

Best Laid Plans

I had every intention of doing 60 or 70 miles today since I am way, way behind on my May mileage. As I was preparing to leave my son said, "I want to go." He hasn't wanted to ride with me since last summer, so I couldn't turn him down.

Well, there was no way he could handle being in the saddle for the four hours or so I had planned on riding. Also, there was no way I could pull an extra 80 pounds around for that long either. I switched out the road bike for the Fargo and off we went.

We started in Folsom and rode across the new bike trail by the dam. A couple weeks ago there were three gates open, so obviously the runoff has slowed a bit.

Still, the lake is high. I like all the cool little inlets created by the high water. I saw lots of fishermen exploring the shoreline.

The Fargo is a big bike even when I'm standing next to it.

Spencer enjoyed himself despite slamming a pedal into his shin earlier in the ride. I know how much that hurts, so I was impressed with his toughness.

We rode bike trail, dirt roads and singletrack.

We turned around out by Beeks Bight, which was at about the 10-mile mark. We ended up with 20 miles for the trip—far short of my goal, but it was fun. My legs are completely blown, much more so than they would have been after a long road ride.


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