Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rain Ride

Once again I had plans to put in big miles today, but I just couldn't motivate myself to do it. I simply wasn't in the mood for a long ride on the road bike.

The sky looked threatening, but the clowns on the local news assured me that the rain wouldn't come until 3 p.m. I lubed up the mountain bike, threw it in the truck and headed out for a ride around Granite Bay.

At 10:00 it started raining. Yeah, they missed the forecast by five hours. Thanks Channel Three!

It was a light rain for the first hour, so it didn't bother me much, especially when under the trees.

After a while the moisture content of the soil was perfect. I was railing around the corners. I'm slowly learning how to ride a bike with a more laid-back head angle.

My cushy new fork gives me enough confidence to do stupid stuff like taking one-handed pictures going down hill:

When the water is low in the summer, Folsom Lake can be kind of ugly. Now it has some character.

On the way back it started raining harder to the point of making it muddy.

I took a short break under a bridge to dry off and eat a granola bar. A woman jogger approached me and stopped, unsure of whether she should enter the darkness with the creepy guy. I assured her I wasn't a troll and she reluctantly ran past me.

I finished up my ride a little cold and wet. I had just enough time for a bite to eat before picking up my son at school. Fun little ride, and way better than grinding out mindless miles on the road bike.


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