Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Return of Single Speed Wednesdays

The single speed hung lonely and neglected in the garage all year. As summer draws to a close, and with the kids now back in school, it was time to dust off the big orange bike and resume my Wednesday rides.

I had not been out to do the Hazel-Granite Bay ride in a while, so I decided to do that. After a quick tune-up to the bike and dropping off the boy at school, I headed down.

After not riding a single speed for a while, the first thing that struck me was how light and fast the bike felt. Just a few pedal strokes and the bike was up to speed. I also enjoyed the quickness and precision that the rigid fork offered.

It's a ride I have written about numerous times, so I don't have anything new to say. I did have a little red fox run in front of me on a trail, which was cool. I also saw a really big turtle that wouldn't sit still for a picture.

The water is as high as I can ever remember this late in the year. Considering how long it took for the snow to melt in Tahoe, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

 I had to turn back at Doton's Point because the trail was under water.
I liked the reflection of the rock formation on the still water.

I ended up with a nice 35 mile ride. It was great to get out on the single speed and reacquaint myself with the kind of pain only riding a single gear can offer.


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