Sunday, October 18, 2015


It seems as if every life activity has a defined window right now. One activity butts right up against the next. The future can only be "penciled in" because the schedule is full and fluid. Every ride is rushed because there is somewhere to go, something to do, something to get done. I haven't been riding that much lately because it simply ceased to be fun; it isn't the mental and spiritual release it used to be. It is becoming something else to "get done."

And so it was today. I had a window to get a ride in before our Little League game. I went out to get it done.

We had a thunderstorm a couple days ago that dropped a little bit of rain in the mountains and foothills. It did little for our water situation (or our local pond, which is at about half its normal size), but the soil was actually slightly damp.

It has been a while since my tires have dug in to a tacky trail.

It was fun to hit the downhill corners with a little traction.

Fog this time of year is rare. The Sierras are out there somewhere.

It was a short little ride, but I managed to climb almost 1500 feet, so it was a decent workout.

On the baseball front, we stayed undefeated for the season. The boy went 2-2 at the plate with two hard singles. He also pitched two scoreless innings and made some fine plays in the field.


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