Wednesday, October 08, 2008


A little math will show that this blog has sat dormant for over three years. Don't know why, really. I have thought about about posting to it a number of times, but I never make the time. I realized, though, that I pretty much do the same damn thing all the time by sending long e-mails to friends, complete with a gigabyte's worth of pictures, which completely blow up their mailboxes.

For a while I am going to try communicating more though the blog, thereby saving people the aggravation.

Rise . . .

Back from the dead it rises, with a sinister new look, new title photo, and new name (couldn't believe SS29er was available). The title photo has special significance, which I will talk about another time. Let's just say it was the last glimpse of what life used to be.

Edit - 03/21/2010 - The title photo referenced above was replaced, so I thought I would drop it in here:


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