Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seis Cientos Millas en Mayo

The two endurance races I had circled on the calendar have come and gone, and I missed them both--one due to sickness and one due to laziness.

I didn't ride a whole lot in April, and for some reason I didn't care much. I went on vacation, worked in the yard, and knocked out some home improvement projects. And went to work as little as possible.

I didn't find my mojo in San Diego, nor did I find it at the job site, nor at the end of a shovel or hammer. It was gone.

So May rolls around and it's bike month. I figure it's time to start riding again, and what better motivation than to pledge a big number on a web site that all my coworkers will see.

I pledged to ride 600 miles, which is a number I haven't tallied in a month in almost six years. The last time I did was the month prior to moving in with my spouse. No surprise there, and I'm not complaining. It's just the way it works.

Six hundred miles isn't a lot for a "serious" cyclist or racer, but it's a lot for me. Since I don't currently own a road bike, all the miles are cranked out on knobby tires. And the terrain around my house is a bit hilly to say the least.

To get that number I figure I have to average 20 miles per day for the first thirty days. The 31st will be a "bonus day" when I can either make up my deficit (likely) or tack on more miles to my total.

Today is the 12th, and I have ridden 217 of the projected 240 miles. I started off with a big deficit because of all the rain in the beginning of May, but I have rebounded in the last week to close the gap. With a good ride tomorrow I might even put myself in the black.


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