Monday, May 31, 2010

Spencer: Endurance Racer

My son has never been very interested in riding a bicycle.  I started putting him on the bike when he was four years old, but he never wanted to ride.  Now six, he has many other interests that rank higher than riding a bike, like doing homework, eating vegetables and cleaning toilets.

Although it has always bugged me, I wasn't going to pressure him.  Cycling is my "thing," and I don't want to be one of "those" fathers.

One of the things he does like is NASCAR.  We don't know why, nor do we really remember how it started, but he does.  The child has an unholy obsession with stock car racing in all its redneck glory.  He is currently watching yesterday's Coca Cola 600 for the third time.

It occurred to me that all I need to do is associate riding a bike with NASCAR.

We took him to the local high school and cut him loose on the track.  And that was all it took.

He knocked out 28 laps before some school official chased us off.  I think seven miles is pretty good for a six-year-old.  I have no doubt he would have gone for 10 miles if given the chance.

Sometimes parenting is simply marketing.  Know your audience, cross-promote your product to make the connection, and you will get the sale.  Easy.


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