Saturday, July 03, 2010

Scenic Route Home

Yesterday I rode home from work for the first time in months.  I decided to break out the mountain bike and utilize as much dirt as I could.  I wanted to be away from the cars, for one thing, and being on the trails is definitely more pleasant from an aesthetic standpoint.

After hitting a few short trails along the way, the first long one is the trail running on the south-east side of Lake Natoma.  It isn't very technically demanding, but it's over five miles long, and the views are nice:

Crossing the American River:

Folsom Dam:

Riding along the dyke; it was nice to see Folsom Lake so high:

It was hot outside, so the occasional shade was great—something you don't get on the road:

Some big fish, probably carp, in an inlet:

New York Creek trail.  More shade!

Powerline Trail:

Looking back down on Powerline after a steep climb:

Serrano trail:

Looking down on Folsom Lake:

I rolled into the driveway with a mileage total just short of 40 miles. My burning legs let me know it was a good ride. I think I'll do it again next Friday.


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