Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

I made it out for a ride today in an effort to offset the food I would later eat, but in hindsight I don't think I rode far enough. I am currently uncomfortably full, and I'm pretty sure I still ended up with a caloric surplus for the day.

It was clear and sunny but barely 40 degrees when I left. It was my first real foray into cold weather riding this year, and I certainly didn't enjoy it. Summer is how far off?  Even with thick wool socks my feet quickly became cold and remained that way for the entire ride.

The trails were in good shape since it hasn't rained in a couple days. The north wind also did it's part to dry things out.

After a few hills like this one I am about to descend, there's no getting warm again. I hit 40 miles per hour just coasting.

This is just a shortcut behind some houses. Nothing exciting, but anytime I can put tire to dirt it's a great thing. Whatever it takes to get away from the cars.

This is a trail I rarely ride on, but only because it leads to a tough climb that I usually avoid.

It was kind of miserable while I was out there, but I'm glad I got out. Hopefully tomorrow it will be a bit warmer.


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