Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We drove up to Tahoe this past weekend for a little rest and relaxation. Sunday I went on a ride up to the top of Mount Rose hoping to ride the Rim Trail, but there was still too much snow. I decided to cross the highway and try the fire road up to the lookout tower, which I had never done before. With the southern exposure there appeared to be a bit less snow.

From the top there is a nice piece of Rim Trail that goes for about a mile before cyclists are dumped onto the fire road. (Hikers can continue on the Rim.)

Once on the road, the climbing begins and never really lets up. As I made it higher and higher, the snow became more and more of a hinderance.

I came upon this little pond. I sat down for a bit and had a granola bar while enjoying the sounds—the birds, the wind in the trees, the frogs around the pond. It was very relaxing. Until the lady with the dog showed up. She started throwing stones in the pond, and every time she did the dog went absolutely apeshit. I left.

After a while the snow became more and more irritating. After hiking through about 15 of these, I turned back.

I still made it up pretty high. According to Google Earth I was at 9656 feet. The lookout is around 10,000 feet, so I hope to make it all the way at some point after the snow melts.


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