Saturday, September 17, 2011

Open Season

I was supposed to go out of town this weekend with friends, but I woke up sick on Friday. I should have seen this coming. Even though I was purposely going to miss the first cyclocross race of the year, my body still knows that I am supposed to get sick for races. Well done, lousy immune system!

Even though I didn't feel great, I thought I would go catch a couple races just to get psyched up for the first Sacramento Series race next weekend.

The course around the Folsom Rodeo grounds was pretty cool, and I was definitely wishing I could be out there. There was enough dirt and elevation change to give me half a chance.

I took the camera and played pro photographer for a few minutes. I got a few good shots. The first two are from the 35+ B and 45+ B race.  The third is from the Women's A race.

It was kind of weird going out to watch others race, but in a way it was also fun. I watched guys dismount and remount over and over again and watched for anything I could incorporate into my own technique. Mostly I saw things I don't want to do, like the guy who drilled a barrier with his shin. Ugh. Gotta get those knees up higher . . .

Hopefully things go smoothly this week and I'll be racing instead of spectating next weekend.


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