Friday, November 08, 2013

Fat Jenny

It's been a long time since I have posted. In life, it's easy to create a habit, either good or bad. I decided to let a few days go by without posting, and the next thing I knew almost three months had passed. Time to break the habit.

Way back in the summer I bought new, wider wheels for my Pugsley. Then I needed new cranks to accommodate the wider rims and tires. That started an incompatibility chain reaction, which eventually caused a complete upgrade to a 10-speed drivetrain. With all the old parts then sitting in a pile, I realized I only needed a frameset to build another fat bike. I bought an extra small Pugsley frame and built it up, so now Jenn has a fatty.

This morning we went out to Folsom Lake for her first fat bike ride. The water level is pretty dismal, but it made for some interesting terrain. Here Jenn rides on the surface of Mars.

This egret had little trouble fishing in this landlocked puddle. Like shooting fish in a barrel . . .

We rode along the lake shore for a while. The dirt, mud, sand and rocks were no problem.

It has been difficult to get Jennifer to ride in the dirt over the years, but she didn't hesitate on her Pugsley. The fat tires are confidence inspiring from the first pedal stroke.

When we made it to Granite Bay, we looped back to Beal's point on the trails.

It was a fun ride and I think Jenn really enjoyed the fat bike experience.


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