Sunday, March 29, 2009


The big red bike.

I did a little work on a friend's bike. It's a nice old Motobecane that I believe will be used as a coffee shop racer.

It originally had a funky crank in which the large chainring was directly attached to the arm, making a single speed conversion difficult. I pulled an old Takagi crank out of the parts bin; it came off my 1984 Ross Mt. Whitney, if anyone remembers those.

I theft-proofed it with some solid axles, threw on some old Dia Compe brake levers, and performed a general tune-up. I test rode it as best I could, but the bike is HUGE.

Anyway, I think it's a cool bike:

In return, Eric put together a custom 12-pack of big bottle brews that should keep me busy for a while:

Thanks, Eric, and sorry it took so damn long.



  1. First, let me say a huge thanks for the work you did on "Clifford" (I'm not going to use that name, by the way)! The results are really nice and it rides way better than before, not to mention looking super-sweet. Nice photo too!

    I'm still hunting that elusive 175mm left crank arm...

    Thanks again and hope you're enjoying the road sodas!

  2. Left Crank Update!!

    The Sacramento Bike Kitchen yielded up a 175mm Shimano left crank arm for the princely sum of 2 dorras!

    I had to purchase a t-shirt out of sheer gratitude (and because the shirts are totally bitchin').

    If you have parts or tools you want to donate to them, it's a worthy cause (and possibly tax deductible). I plan to take some stuff in to them next week.

    I'll shoot a pic when I get that arm cleaned up and mounted!