Monday, March 30, 2009

We Built This City

. . . with cloth and poles.

While others were racing their bikes on Saturday, I was out hitting some garage sales with the family. Before you laugh at our white trash hobby, I'll remind you we live near some pretty affluent areas. A rich person's trash . . .

Case in point, we stopped at one house with a bunch of new, boxed tents spread out in the street. Apparently this lady bought a bunch of tents with the intent of making millions on eBay. Finding out it was too much trouble, she decided on a garage sale instead. We bought six new tents for six bucks. Yep, a dollar each.

The kids put them all up to make sure all the parts were there, and as you can see it was a success. They had a tent city to play in for the day, but by nightfall it was taken down and most of the tents were given away to friends and family.

A few years ago I picked up an old Italian road bike at a garage sale for $175. I don't even remember the make of the frame, and it didn't really matter; all I saw was the full Campy Nuovo Record group that was hanging ON the frame. I parted it out on eBay and cleared a cool $575 (after fees) for my trouble.

So there is definitely gold in them there foothills, but these days you're more likely to find it in someones garage than in a river bed.


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  1. Clearly, I have been going to the wrong garage sales...