Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Presidents' Day Ride

It was a beautiful California day today—sunny and 70 degrees—but I just finished sitting on the indoor trainer for an hour.

Yesterday I went on a difficult ride that left me pretty tired at the end, and quite stiff and sore this morning. What you really need the day after an effort like that is an easy recovery ride to loosen up and work out the kinks. Unfortunately, living in a hilly area, and at the top of a difficult climb, makes an easy ride from home impossible. Enter the indoor trainer, which allows you to control the intensity of the workout. I can't stand riding indoors, especially on a nice day, but sometimes it has to be done.

Yesterday I met the brothers Noble in Auburn for a single speed ride. Steve was bikeless from Bellingham, so he gamely rode my Karate Monkey. This ride has its share of rough spots, and the Karate Monkey has quite possibly the stiffest fork currently in production. Although I was the only one running a suspension fork, Steve and Doug both dropped me on the roughest downhill of the ride. Oh, the shame.

We put in a solid 30 miles with lots and lots of climbing. Doug and I did the same ride in early November, and it was pretty easy. After a few months of winter, my fitness has slipped just a bit. By the end I was cramping in both arms and legs; I have some work to do. Still, it's always great to get the gang back together and ride just like we did some 25 years ago.

Steve took some pictures that are probably way better than these, but here are mine anyway:


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