Friday, August 06, 2010

Post 100, Etc.

I just noticed that yesterday's post was number 100 in my illustrious blogging career.  I would like to thank my legion of followers, all three of you, for your support.  Without you, the faithful readers, none of the incredible fame and fortune I have achieved would have been possible.

Um, yeah.

So I woke up with a pair of very sore legs after running yesterday.  Only with the aid of both handrails was I able to descend our stairs this morning.  Still, I had planned all week to ride home from work today, so I went for it.

The soreness didn't actually bother me too much on the bike, especially during the first 20 miles, most of which are flat bike trail.  Once in Folsom, I chose to take the more difficult Serrano route through El Dorado Hills because the manicured grounds have no goat heads.  At this point in the summer, the more rural roads are lined with goat head weeds, which proliferate on gravel shoulders for some reason.

Once the serious climbing started, the pain in my quads became more intense, but I just tried to ignore it.  The last couple climbs were tough, and I slowed with each ascent, but I eventually arrived home with just over 40 miles on the computer.  It was a good ride despite the discomfort.

Tonight, however, I am dying.  I am hobbling around like a crippled old man, the result of running one whole mile.  Pathetic.


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  1. What does this teach us?

    Running is bad for you.

    That is all.