Thursday, October 28, 2010


It was a bit cool when I left for my ride yesterday morning.  I'm not ready for winter to be here.  Ugh.

Yesterday was my regular day off. There were four things I wanted to do, but I could not do them all:  a long bike ride, watch game one of the World Series, watch the opening game of the Kings season, and race opening night of the local cyclocross series.

In the end, the choice was pretty easy.  As much as I wanted to race, it would preclude the three other things on my list.  When I was younger, my friend and I would sometimes do a mountain bike ride in the morning and race at night.  Now, that would be a little rough on the old legs.

With the Giants and Kings games both starting at 5 p.m. and racing starting at six, it would be tough to watch much of either game.  Also, the likelihood of hearing a score at the races made recording for later viewing less desirable.  If I am going to watch a game, I don't want to know the outcome.

I skipped the race, which allowed me to go on a nice ride on the Fargo.  Although it was cold, the sun was shining and I eventually warmed up by the end.  I put in a little over 40 miles, my longest ride in a while.

That night I was able to relax with a beer while watching the World Series, my legs burning a bit from the day's effort.  After that great win, I watched the Kings on the DVR, who also won.  Brilliant.  The day couldn't have been much better.


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