Friday, September 17, 2010

Hangtown Tour

Wednesday I made it out for a ride in the hills.  The goat heads are so bad around my house right now that I can rarely get through a ride without a flat.  The only option is to drive somewhere.

I started at the parking lot on Missouri Flat and took the trail east towards Placerville.  This is the same ride I have done a couple times towing my son, but I would be alone this time—not towing an extra 75 pounds.  The plan was to take the El Dorado Trail all the way to the end in Camino.

The morning was cool and clear; for the first time in months I was a bit cold as I rolled away from the truck.

Fall always arrives with mixed emotions.  It is my favorite time of year to ride, without question.  However, the onset of fall means winter is on the way, and that is my least favorite season.

I did the ride up to where we turned around last time and continued up the dirt trail, climbing gradually up the old railroad grade.  Although you aren't far from Highway 50, you wouldn't know it by the scenery.

Nope, no civilization out there:

After a couple miles, the trail stopped at this fence:

I backtracked to a spur trail and ended up in a neighborhood.  I headed north until I popped out on Highway 50.  I crossed the highway and took Carson Road east for a while until I noticed the road was completely lined with the very goat heads I was trying to avoid.  That was my cue telling me it was time to head back.

I rolled back down the hill for what seemed like forever.  Like I have mentioned before, it's quite a treat to have a ride end with a downhill.

After about 25 miles I needed a coffee break:

Old Placerville can be irritating to drive through, but on a bike the slow pace and narrow roads are quaint.

This is the old bell tower.  After much of the business district was leveled by three fires in 1856, the need for an alarm system was finally remedied in 1865 with the bell tower.  Tucked up under the hood is what looks like an air raid siren.

It was a nice ride.  I'm going to get on Google Earth and see what I can do next time to extend the ride farther to the east, preferable on dirt or quiet roads.


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  1. Have you considered entering this little contest? You've taken some shots I would consider contest-worthy!