Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Three Seconds

I rode the 39 miles to work yesterday and followed it up with 60 on the bike trail today. I now have 494 miles for the month, just six miles miles short of my goal with eight days to go. I like my chances.

The only thing worth noting about yesterday's commute to work was my choice of cameras. You may remember some months back when I purchased a Contour Roam video camera and promised to make movies. Well, I quickly learned some things. Making videos takes time, patience and a fast Internet connection. I have none of those things.

The Contour Roam was also the wrong choice. I wish I had gone with the GoPro instead. I think the Contour mounting method is flawed and leads to an unstable camera that (for me) produces nothing but blurry, shaky, headache-inducing video. I have tried three different mounts so far, and none have worked for me. I may try the helmet mount, or I may just cut my losses and sell it.

Anyway, yesterday I tried using the still picture setting for the first time, choosing to take a picture every three seconds. I thought it might be cool to take pictures during the entire ride hands-free and be able to choose the best ones later. Unfortunately, all 3000 of them sucked.

Here are a few that sucked the least.

We had a little fog on the hill, making for a dark and creepy start to the ride.
Riding through the big city.
Blue morning.
Heading up the only tough climb of the mostly downhill ride.
Wild Oaks Park
Brown's Ravine

Dyke 8

Near the dam.

Lake Natoma

More trail near Lake Natoma.

Obviously retired. Lucky bastard.

Lets just pretend there are pictures depicting the 10 miles of flat, boring bike trail here . . .

The Temple of Doom.

Bike Lockers

So there you go. A 39-mile commute to work in pictures.


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