Sunday, May 27, 2012

Seventeen the Hard Way

On Friday morning when I saw the weather outlook for the weekend, I opted to leave my mountain bike at home. If I did get the chance to ride, I would use the Pugsley, which currently lives in Tahoe full-time. Turns out it was the right bike for the job.

I did my favorite short loop on the Diamond Peak Flume. Conditions ranged from snow . . .

to bone dry sand . . .

to more snow.

Today was the first time I have used the Pugs on this loop. I can't say the climb up the highway was fun, but once I hit the dirt all was forgotten. The bike excelled in the snow, sand, mud and rocks.

One change to the bike today was swapping the flat pedals for clipless. I liked it a lot better from a pure mountain biking standpoint. I had more control and security, especially when descending Tunnel Creek. The flat pedals are cool for goofing around on the beach, but for most conditions I want clipless.

I hope people don't get tired of Lake Tahoe pictures, because I don't get tired of taking them.

The conditions made it a pretty tough 17-mile ride. My legs are currently burning a bit. In the same amount of time I could have clicked off 40 miles on a road bike, but I am OK with it. I can make up some miles when I get home.


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