Sunday, July 01, 2012

One Man's Trash

There is a remote area a couple miles from my house where people like to dump their unwanted junk—sofas, chairs, beds, books, car parts, clothing, toys. Sometimes I think this sign only alerts people to the area's potential: "Hey, here's a great place to dump your crap!"

A few weeks ago while riding by I stumbled upon two Parkpre mountain bikes and a Mongoose BMX bike. All had been out in the weather for some time and showed it—rust from the rain and rotten rubber from the sun. I guess it was easier to dump the bikes than to sell them in that condition.

They might not have wanted the bikes, but I did.

Parkpre was a company I remember from the '90s. Based in Southern California, they were a favorite of Mountain Bike Action magazine. I thought they were pretty cool despite the endorsement from Mountain Bike Action, the worst magazine ever.

The one in front is a 1994 Parkpre Scepter Comp. I already removed the unique wheels and STX rear derailleur for another bike. The freehub was siezed up, the cassette and derailleur pretty rusty. However, after some mechanical wizardry and TLC everything came out quite nice.

The smaller one is a Parkpre Mountain Comp of unknown year.

I'm not sure what I am going to do with the bikes since one is too small and one too big. The small one will fit other family members, but it needs some work.

More about the bike the wheels were used for tomorrow.


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