Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Higher Ground

Today I rode to the top of Relay Peak above Lake Tahoe. You may remember that I tried it last year but stopped before reaching the top because of all the snow. I encountered no snow today, but that isn't surprising considering the meager snowfall this year.

I rode nonstop to the top so I have no pictures, but it was a mix of dirt and pavement. I don't remember doing too many climbs much tougher than this one. Climbing for two hours straight is not something I am used to these days.

The last few miles were steep, rocky and loose. About 100 yards from the top my rear wheel spun on a rock and I went down on my left hip. Pretty frustrating to fall short after cleaning everything else for two hours.

Once at the top I stopped to take a few pictures. The 360-degree view was incredible. You can barely see Lake Tahoe in the first one.

According to my Garmin I topped out at 10,158 feet. You can check out the stats by clicking here.

The trip down was a little sketchy at first, but after the first couple miles it mellowed out and became more enjoyable.

It was a climb I always wanted to try, I did it, but I won't do it again for a while. There are far too many great rides around here I would rather do.



  1. 'Way cool! Reminds me of the time I climbed White Mountain from Laws near Bishop in the late 80's. The ride was called "Full Moon to Midnight". Good thing it was dark when we started, because the climb up Silver Canyon would have been just too intimidating in daylight. I put on a 32 tooth just for the occasion, and my goal was to ride all the way up. My buddy who got off and walked arrived 10 minutes at the 10,000 ft level before me! The last part from the high altitude station to the top was not rideable for me, as the road was just babyheads and that's all. So I pushed the last part, and rode down. Unforgettable! I wonder what it would have been like with suspension or 29er wheels.

  2. I'm sure it would have been better, Doug. Way better. I was wishing I had my 29er on this ride. I probably wouldn't have ended up on the ground if I had it.

    There are many unforgettable rides over the years, but most of them seem to involve a big climb!