Tuesday, August 07, 2012

End of Summer

Although the calendar might beg to differ, for our family summer drew to a close this past weekend. Grade school starts tomorrow and high school on Thursday, so we spent the weekend in Tahoe to close out the kids' summer vacation.

We spent Saturday walking around Incline Village, hitting garage sales and thrift stores, and relaxing.

On Sunday we went on a ride around the Tahoe City area on various bike trails, some of which we had never been on. All told we rode over 16 miles, which was a personal best for the boy.

On Monday I went exploring and found some new trails west of the old State Route 431 (which is now a dirt road). Some of the trails were nice, but I also did a little bushwhacking.

I think for the most part the trail is used as a downhill shuttle run from the highway. The stunts I found would seem to support that.

I finished up with a run down the Tyrolean Downhill, which is a local favorite. Most guys shuttle it with downhill bikes, but it's not so technical it can't be done on a hardtail, albeit a bit slower.

It was the first time I have done this downhill since I broke my wrist. I made it down alive, so that was nice.

Here's a video of someone motoring down. The section between minutes six and eight is the most difficult, and steeper than it looks on camera.

Obviously school starting will not prevent us from spending weekends in Tahoe, but it does complicate things and shortens our typical stay from three to two days.


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