Friday, August 31, 2012

Uncle Jerry's Day Off

I'm not sure I like this guy so much.

Every time he opens his mouth I seem to lose money. Every time I see him I feel a little Newman.

Hello . . . JERRY!
In the end his attacks on us as state workers will be worse than anything Arnold ever did. His pension reform plans will put the hurt to a lot of people, especially those families like mine with dual state worker incomes.

So why am I talking politics on this cycling blog? I'm getting there. Stay with me.

Currently we are enjoying a "personal leave program" where we must take an unpaid day off every month. Sounds like a furlough, doesn't it? It is in every sense except the impressive new name. Kind of like how a garbage man is now called a "refuse engineer."

So Jen and I both used our personal leave days today. This morning we realized we had the day to ourselves, with both kids at school and an empty house. Well, that's when things got interesting. Our eyes met and I immediately knew she wanted what I wanted. We both smiled and went upstairs. I led her to the bedroom and we both took all our clothes off . . . and slipped into our cycling gear.

We went on a nice 20 mile ride. It was a cool, breezy morning that felt more like October than August. It was the first time I have been cold this year, which was nice.

So thanks for the day off, Jerry. You're a real pal.


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