Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday SS

I finally got off my lazy duff last night and made sure everything was prepared for a single speed ride on my day off today. After dropping the boy off at school, I made my way down to Hazel and was riding before eight o'clock. The morning was calm and quiet—barely a ripple on Lake Natoma.

I made my way to Donton's Point and may have taken some trails that were not quite legal to ride on. I figured if the state doesn't have enough money to pay me, surely they aren't going to be worrying about something as trivial as a little trail poaching.

After stopping at my turnaround point for a protein bar, I headed back and enjoyed the mostly downhill return trip. When I popped out on the trail that crosses over the road near the Beal's Point entrance, a ranger was waiting there for me. I put my head down and calmly hung a right and rolled toward the exit. As I sat waiting for the traffic light to cross Auburn-Folsom Road, his engine started up. I was done for.

I waited for him to approach, but when the light turned green I slowly hung a left and rode down Auburn-Folsom Road. I never turned to look back, so I don't know if he missed the light or what, but I never saw him again. What mattered was my streak of 28 years without a citation was still intact.

On the way back I stopped to take a picture of these resting gulls, cormorants and mergansers . . .

when the geese came in to crash the party.

I decided to stick to the legal trails just in case Ranger Rick decided to phone a friend.

While the multi-use trails are fun, they aren't nearly as fun as the illegal ones on the other side of the lake. Plus, you get the added joy of getting attitude from all the runners and walkers you pass—not something you have to deal with on the illegal trails, ironically enough. Nobody uses them.


I ended up with about 33 miles, which was just about right for the first single speed ride in a while. The old legs were feeling it a bit.

After lunch and a shower at home, I picked up the boy and we waited for the bus to take him to his cross country race at a neighboring school. It was his first race this year and he showed a lot of improvement over last year.

He placed 21st overall in his grade, but more importantly 3rd for his school. The top seven kids from each school get to go to finals, which he barely missed last year.

After the race we treated ourselves to a big box of Jimboy's tacos and burritos in all their greasy, gooey, glorious goodness.

I'm betting my Wednesday was better than what most people experienced.


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