Tuesday, September 04, 2012

LD Weekend

We spent the Labor Day weekend in Tahoe. This will likely be the last Tahoe weekend for a while due to my son starting fall baseball next week.

On Saturday we took it easy and goofed around in town. We usually hit the two thrift shops in Incline just for fun, but this time I was on a mission to find a helmet. It seems every visit I forget something, and this time it was my son's helmet.

I found a nice one that fit well, and at only five bucks the price was right. Unfortunately it was a snowboard helmet. And bright yellow. Still, if we wanted to ride I had to get it.

I also found a perfect pair of Shimano Mountain Bike shoes. These things may have been worn once. Not a mark on them. They were four bucks. They are just a tiny bit too small for me, so I put them on eBay. I stand to make a tidy profit.

On Sunday we rode from outside of Tahoe City to Squaw Valley.

The ride to Squaw is pretty easy since it's all downhill along the river. On the way back Spencer had to work a bit on his BMX bike. Notice the sweet helmet.

Jen's jersey would have matched her helmet or Spencer's.

We knocked out 16 miles. It was pretty fun except for dealing with the completely oblivious people walking on the trails. It astounds me how dumb people are. On multiple occasions I had people step right in front of me without even looking. I mean, the trail is FULL of bikes, and they just don't seem to notice. Bizarre.

On Monday I went for a mountain bike ride. I rode through town, up the highway to the Diamond Peak Flume, and down Tunnel Creek. See the route here.

Earlier this year, this was a limbo log. Someone hauled a chainsaw in recently and cut it.

This is probably my favorite short ride right now. I really love this trail.

I never get tired of the views.

We reluctantly headed home on Monday afternoon. It's a bummer we won't be back for a while, but that's OK. You have to let the kids play sports.


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