Saturday, September 01, 2012

Beer Review: Moylan's Orange and Black Congrats Ale

I picked up this beer at a local Total Wine & More well over a month ago. Although I drink pale ales and IPAs almost exclusively, how could I not pick up this black ale dedicated to the Giants' World Series win?

It sat in the refrigerator for a long time while I grabbed the IPAs stored all around it. But a trip to Tahoe and a bit cooler weather put me in the mood for something darker.

The reviewers on Beer Advocate didn't rate this beer very highly, but Jenn and I liked it.

Jenn is a porter drinker, so it wasn't a surprise when she liked it. This black ale was very similar to a porter.

I can't break down a beer like some beer reviewers. Frankly, I think if you can taste 15 different flavors in a beer you are just imagining things.

The beer was smooth with hints of coffee and chocolate. The orange was difficult to taste for me. If I hadn't seen it on the label, I probably would not have detected it.

Verdict: If you are a Giants fan you should pick up an Orange and Black. If you are a Dodgers fan, pass on this one and use the six bucks to get yourself a case of something that better represents your character, something in Dodger blue.


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