Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hello Tahoe

Due to my son's weekend basketball games and baseball practice, we have not been to Tahoe in a while. Easter gave us a weekend free of sports, so we headed up.

I had a small window of time to get a ride in this morning before we had to go to Reno to order a new security door.  Not knowing how much snow was on the trails, I took the Pugs.

Conditions were pretty dry on the lower slopes, although the sand underneath was slightly damp and packed, which made for easier climbing. There is still enough snow on the upper slopes for picturesque views, though.

I climbed for a couple miles and over 1000 feet before finally hitting some snow. Since it was 45 degrees, the snow was soft and very slippery. There were also lots of tracks and holes, so climbing was nearly impossible. After walking through a few drifts, I gave up.

On the way back down I hit the first drift at high speed, like I have in the past, and nearly killed myself. My front wheel immediately came out from under me. I didn't crash, but it was a close one. Snow has an entirely different quality when it is below freezing; the traction is actually quite good. When thawed, it isn't fun to ride on.

Back on solid ground I opened it up and flew down. Downhilling on a fat bike is so fun.

That's about it. Short ride, short story.


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