Friday, March 15, 2013

Long Friday

Today I worked a split shift, teleworking from 5 a.m. to noon, then from 6 p.m. to a little after nine. This is pretty normal for a server administrator, and the schedule has its good and bad points. It's never fun to work on a Friday night, but I did get to go for a nice ride in the afternoon.

Sleep has been difficult to come by lately. I think daylight savings and stress have both contributed to my restless nights. After getting less than five hours sleep the last two nights, I was feeling pretty lethargic today.

When my shift ended at noon, I really had to fight the urge to take a nap. It would have been so very easy to skip my ride and find a warm place in the sun to sleep, but I didn't.

I mapped out a loop in my head and rolled down the driveway. It didn't take long to realize this was going to be a tough day. On the first climb my legs felt like lead and I had little motivation. I couldn't even be bothered to take my camera out of my pocket, so no pictures today.

After about 10 miles I started to feel better, though, and my pace picked up a bit. Still, my average speed at the end was pretty pathetic. Click here to see the route and stats.

My server migration was successful tonight, so I am now free for the weekend. I'm hoping to finally get some much needed rest.


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