Friday, April 19, 2013

Another Island Tour

Today we rode around the island again, but in the opposite direction.

It was hotter and more windy than the last time we rode. And it even seemed more humid, if that's even possible.

The blazing heat did not detract from the incredible scenery, though. More than once I found myself running off the road because the beauty was so distracting.

The iguanas don't care how hot it is.

Unfortunately my little tripod wasn't tall enough to get much of the sea in the frame.

There is an ironman triathlon held on the island every year, and we saw many cyclists out training. An ironman in this heat would likely kill me.

When we finished the ride, I wasn't feeling great. I drank plenty of water, but the heat still got to me. I have a nasty heat rash on the tops of my legs, which is something that happens occasionally in Sacramento when I do really long rides in 100-plus degrees. Here it was much cooler than that, and the ride was only 41 miles, but the humidity was much higher than I am used to. According to WebMD, humidity plays a big role in heat rash.

Jen didn't seem to be affected much by the heat. Women will often tell men they are the tougher sex; they may be right.

After recovering for a bit, we had a nice dinner in the Asian restaurant.

I broke out my favorite Tommy Bahama shirt, the one I am terrified to wear because it cost me a small fortune, and promptly spilled food on it.

These two characters are always making us pose for pictures. Tonight I turned the tables on them.

Our days here are drawing to a close, which is always bitter sweet. One more full day and we are jetting back to reality.


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