Sunday, April 14, 2013

Any Way You Want It

After a long, 22-hour journey full of layovers and delays, we finally stepped foot into our hotel room in Cozumel.

My nervousness regarding transporting the bikes was well founded. When we went to baggage claim to pick up our bags and bikes, my case was open about an inch. Both latches were undone, and the only thing holding the case together was the cheap little "TSA approved" lock I bought. I figure the TSA inspected it and couldn't get everything crammed back in correctly, so they said "meh, whatever" and left it open. I guess I shouldn't say that. I am sure these fine men and women exhibit the hard work, dedication and ingenuity that Americans are known for. Yeah.

After struggling to get the case closed back up again, I walked about 20 feet before the Mexican customs officials made me open up both cases. It took forever, and a line of tired, impatient people started backing up. That was fun.

Once at the hotel and unpacked, I started building. This beats the view from my garage.

The bikes went together smoothly, and the beer went down smoothly. After a long trip, that's the way you need it.

One bike down, two beers down.

After finishing the bikes, we went on a long walk through the city, followed by a nice dinner.

Tomorrow we will ride from the hotel without a map or direction, just letting the road and fancy guide us. I like not knowing where I'll be tomorrow.


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