Friday, July 01, 2016


The new bike showed up this afternoon and I had it together in about 90 minutes. There are a few cheap components I wouldn't be thrilled with on a $1400 bike, but for $750 I can't complain.

There are a number of technologies I am using for the first time. The wheels are 27 Plus with 110x15 Boost spacing:

In the rear a 148x12 Boost thru-axle:

Boost 148 spacing on the cranks, too, of course:

And, believe it or not, my first hydraulic brakes:

This bike also has a 66 degree head angle, by far the slackest bike I have ever owned. Paired with fairly short chainstays and a long top tube, it will be interesting to see how it rides. The plan is to put it through its paces tomorrow.


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