Saturday, July 16, 2016

Medium Rare

Jennifer and I made it out for a somewhat rare ride together on the bike trail yesterday. I'm not sure Jenn has been on a bike at all since our Monterey trip in March. Our schedules make it difficult to ride together, and her preferred exercise is yoga, which she loves as much as I love riding. She always worries about not being in shape when she does get to ride, but she knocked out 25 miles no problem. There might just be something to this yoga thing.

We got a bit of a late morning start, so it was already very hot. Even though the trail is along the river, it always seems so much hotter out there.

OK, on to the pictures. Here Jenn demonstrates the uniquely female response to a camera coming out:

At the halfway point we took a timeout under the Watt Avenue bridge. I thought we might be able to score some dope, but no dealers showed up.

The river is flowing nice and high right now. It won't last.

Preparations for Eppie's Great Race tomorrow:

That's more like it:

We finished up with barely enough time to drive home and get Jenn to her early dinner date with friends. I had pizza and beer at Pete's. Later we had ice cream with our family down in Citrus Heights. Pretty good day in my book.


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