Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Last week I completed a longer ride and I wanted to see the stats from my GPS. I plugged it into my PC and performed a sync. While messing around on the Garmin Connect site, I noticed an "Export KML" option.

I'm not a GPS power user by any means. I have an Edge 200, one of the simpler units, that I have been using since 2012. I bought it to replace a whole bunch of computers on all of my bikes.

A big ol' box of failure.

When I think back to all the problems I had—batteries that forever needed replacing, in both the main unit and the transmitter, and all the other issues like broken wires, missing magnets and wondering if I used the right tire circumference—the Garmin purchase ranks up there as one of the best ever. And it seems to be still going strong after recording well over 500 rides.

I did a quick Google search and learned that KML files can be imported into Google Earth. I performed the export/import and this is the result:

Pretty cool. Although the Garmin site gives you the same satellite perspective, Google Earth gives you a lot more screen size and granular control of the view and labeling.

There are probably many more things I can do with this "simple" tool, I just need to do some more experimenting.


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