Monday, November 21, 2016

New Frame

Today a new frame showed up in the mail:

The Honzo is similar to a couple other bikes I have, but it takes some of the geometry characteristics I have recently come to appreciate and pushes them a bit further. The 2017 Honzo has the shortest chainstays I have ever had (16.3 inches), and adds them to by far the longest top tube at 25.8 inches. This should suit my current style of riding quite nicely.

My preference would have been to buy the aluminum or even carbon version, but those frames come with press-fit bottom brackets. I refuse to own (and maintain and listen to) one, so I will have to be content with a much heavier frame with a threaded bottom bracket.

I intend on building it up to look something like this one:

Although I plan to build it up as a 29er, I threw the 27+ wheel from my Mason on there just for grins. As you can see, there isn't much room.

I am running true 3.0 tires, but even with the 2.8 inch tires most people are running, there can't be much room.

Admittedly, it does look pretty cool with beefy 27+ tires:

I think it will probably be a while before my Honzo sees any trail time. I want a Rockshox Pike, and they are not cheap. Time to save some pennies.


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