Thursday, November 24, 2016

New Tool

I have used SRAM chains for many years now, the only non-Shimano part on my drivetrains. They are quieter and seem to last longer than their Shimano counterparts with only a very slight reduction in shifting efficiency.

Another bonus is the PowerLock connector. This connection device is far superior to Shimano's stupid drive-and-break-off pin.

After using the nine-speed version for years, which was easy to release without tools, I have struggled with the 10-speed.

The other day I needed to remove a link from the chain on my Canfield. After downsizing from a 32 to 30-tooth chainring, I had a little chain slack when in the highest gear. I tried for 15 minutes to get the link undone to no avail. (Yes, I know what I am doing.) I left the garage pretty angry.

To the bike shop!

Enter the Park MLP-1.2:

Using the tool I had the PowerLock undone, link removed, and chain reassembled in about 90 seconds. Sometimes you just need to fork out a few bucks for the right tool to save yourself a lot of frustration.



  1. i found this new powerlock on 10 speed a pain after the powerlink on the 9 speed chains and found that KMC still have the powerlink for 10 speed chains

  2. Yes, I have one bike with a KMC chain, and the link is much easier to work with.