Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stage 15 Post-Mortem

Looks like my favorite writer, Julien Pretot, simply submitted his story about nine days too early. Everything I said Contador didn't do in my previous post, he did at the end of Stage 15 today.

Stamped his authority? Check.

Left Armstrong trailing in his wake? Check.

Astana's sole leader? Check.

That said, this Tour is a long way from being over. There is still plenty of time for Lance to spike Contador's food with PEDs before a post-race dinner. No worries.

If Lance doesn't want to go the drug route, he can always ride his bike. Still to come are three tough mountain stages, followed by the mostly flat 40k time trial, and then the Stage 20 finish on Ventoux. The smart money is on Contador, but anything can happen. We've seen guys have one bad day in the mountains and lose 10 minutes, so a 97-second deficit is nothing to worry about just yet.

Winning feels like this:

Losing feels like this:


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