Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

As I have the past few Wednesdays, I took the boy out for a ride on the bike trail yesterday. We always park at Hazel, but usually we ride west where it's pretty flat. Instead we rode east towards Folsom Lake. Hills!

I now know what it would be like to climb if I were 60 pounds heavier; it wouldn't be easy. Towing a 60 pond anchor made the relatively short, mild climbs feel steep and LONG.

Along the way we were passed on two separate occasions by roadies who were either mute or very unfriendly. I'm leaning towards unfriendly. I managed to catch and pass each of them going up hills. I said nothing either time (I had my game face on) but Spencer issued a cheerful hello both times. Made me laugh, and I hope they felt horrible being passed by a mountain biker towing a kid.

Like I have mentioned before, even though I am not racing anymore, the racer in me is alive and well. I was very motivated by the fact that neither said anything to us when they passed us on flat sections. Spence then punished 'em with kindness; I with my legs. Justice.

When we made it to Beal's Point we continued on for a while on the dirt levy trail. It was nice to actually have my tires touch dirt. Kind of rare these days.

Cheesy, touristy timer shot:

Here's the new foot/bicycle bridge being constructed near Hazel. Routing foot and bicycle traffic down below will allow the current bike lanes on Hazel to be used for car traffic.

Real men ride in polo shirts:


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  1. I'm looking forward to that bridge being completed - the current setup is wacky and dangerous with all the inexperienced re-knobs out there on the trail!