Sunday, July 05, 2009

Independence Weekend

Had a pretty good weekend. Saturday I went on a ride I haven't done in a couple years. I dropped down Jurgens Road off of Deer Valley and plummeted down a 550 foot descent to the creek crossing. Yes, there's a creek crossing on the road:

After that it's a 750 foot climb up Luneman Road to Lotus. Good climbing and fun, technical descents even though they are paved. The creek crossing limits the car traffic, so it's a nice, quiet ride.

That evening we went to a block party/barbecue in Rio Linda. We left the party at dusk to catch the fireworks show at Sunrise Mall before making our way back up the hill. Nice day.

Today I put in a sink. It was a typical home improvement effort, meaning it took more time and effort that planned. The new sink was a bit bigger than the old one. No problem. Anytime I can get the angle grinder out and cut stuff it's a good thing. A couple trips to the hardware store, some customized plumbing, and we were in business.

Ugly white sink:

New black composite sink:

If I can't have a carbon fiber bike, I might as well have a little carbon technology in the kitchen.


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