Monday, March 15, 2010

Furlough Monday and Casseroll Update

I went for a nice road ride today courtesy of the governor. The weather was just about perfect, and the roads were quiet. I had a good time, but was it worth 4.6% of my monthly salary? Uh, no.

I have been riding the Casseroll for a while now, and I love it. I don't think there is anything I would really change about it, which is saying something, because I usually find something I don't like about a bike. It's the perfect road bike for where I live and how I ride at this point in my life.

Most of the components from when I bought it in August are long gone, having found their way to eBay or other bikes.

I originally set it up with bar-end shifters because it was the quickest way to get it on the road. I didn't really care for bar-end shifting, though, and something didn't feel quite right with the handling.

I tore the bike down and built it up with a nine-speed Dura Ace drivetrain. It was better, but still not there. The bike felt a little sketchy going through high-speed corners and very awkward when climbing out of the saddle. The handlebar position, while comfortable, was too high. I took about an inch off the steerer tube, dropping the bars down accordingly. That was the sweet spot.

Still, the bike felt a little lethargic. I swapped out the stock wheels for my old Dura Ace racing wheels, and immediately the bike felt stiffer and quicker. Even with the fat tires, the bike is now pretty zippy.

Anyway, this is how it currently looks as of today:

I saw Kowalski out in the middle of nowhere, obviously scouting out some mission for the Skipper. They're a long way from Madagascar.

I'm always commenting on how hilly it is around my house. Here's how fast I went down one of the hills:


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