Friday, March 05, 2010

Rare Friday Ride

I'm working after hours tonight, and a little more over the weekend, so I didn't need to go to the office today. This left left my morning open for a little ride.

I stuffed my pockets with enough food for a weekend camping trip and headed out the door. The temperature was only 41 degrees, so the first few descents were a bit uncomfortable. It gradually warmed up over the course of the ride, but it only topped out at 53 today.

I am quite tired of the seemingly constant barrage of storms, but all the rain has left the area very green. It's nice to look at, but I would gladly trade it for a more normal Northern California winter; I have done little mountain biking since December.

It won't be long until these rolling green hills will be a brown, thorn-filled hell.

You never know what you will see along these country roads. My friend Bill says he likes a little junk in the trunk. There you go, buddy.

I eventually made my way down to the bike trail, which was mostly deserted.

I rode over the new Folsom bridge, down the trail through Negro Bar, around Lake Natoma, and back through Old Folsom.

Then I made the long climb back home from Folsom through El Dorado Hills, Serrano and Cameron Park.

That snow in the Sierras will be there for a while. With any luck it might melt enough by the Fourth of July weekend to do some mountain biking.

I ended up with 60.5 miles for the day, a nice change of pace from the usual Friday work day.


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