Friday, March 19, 2010


Today was another one of those Fridays when I worked in the morning and later in the night (currently), which left the afternoon open for a ride.

(In case you're wondering, no, the great State of California is not paying me to post in the blog. There is a lot of downtime while I work with the application developers to patch my servers.)

Jen was off work today due to a training class on her normal day off, so we were able to ride together. With our work schedules, we only ride together without the kids about twice a year. It was a nice treat.

The weather was great, and I wore shorts for the first time this year.

I took the Fargo out for the first time. My initial impression is pretty positive, but I need to make some adjustments to my position before I can really judge this bike. Fitting a drop-bar mountain bike is a whole lot different than a road bike or normal mountain bike.

Anyway, here are a couple pics from today:

Well, that's about it. Back to work.


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