Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fargo Upgrades

For the last few years I have had saddle-related issues after long rides. Specifically, the issue is chafing. This was never an issue when I was younger. I could spend 10 hours in the saddle no problem. Now . . . it's a problem. Aging is so awesome.

I have tried different saddles, shorts and creams, all with varying levels of success. Still, I have fallen short of perfection.

Right around Christmas I saw this ad from Selle Anatomica. I have heard guys rave about these saddles for years, but at $189 retail, I never had much interest. But for under a hundred bucks I was willing to listen.

I went to the web site and read what they had to say. The most intriguing claim was this:
"The two sides of your body move independently. There's no reason your saddle shouldn't move with them. The patented slot is the most important part of the suspended leather design. It supports your weight and moves with you. Leather is the only material that can provide ergonomic surface support and anatomic relief."
Seemed pretty logical. I mean, my ass is split right down the middle, right? I thought I would give this weird looking saddle a try.

Although a brown or black one may have matched the bike better, I went ahead with the red because it looked really cool in the ad. There is a bit of red in the Fargo decals, so it isn't too much of a stretch. I added a new Salsa seat clamp and a Thomson post just for grins.

I went for an hour-long ride today, and initially the saddle didn't feel great. I was sliding around and uncomfortable. I was questioning my purchase.

Towards the end of the ride the leather began to stretch, and it became more comfortable. You can see in the picture above that the saddle now has a dip in the middle, which is good. I wasn't sliding around as much as the saddle conformed to my body.

Supposedly it takes some miles to break these saddles in, so hopefully it will continue to become more comfortable as time goes on.


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