Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pistol Grip Pump

Today is the first day of my longest vacation (three weeks!) since 2002 when I went to Europe. I started my time off right with a nice ride through the hills.

The weather was cool and clear. A little smog hung over the valley, which is the downside of the high pressure system sitting over us.

Don't you hate it when birds crap on your car? I saw this guy on Deer Valley Road. Peafowl are common around here.

Towards the end of my ride I found this Crosman 760 Pumpmaster in the road. It must have fallen off of someone's vehicle. I picked it up, pumped it a few times, chambered a BB, and it fired just fine. I stuck what was left of the stock in my jersey pocket and ran the barrel up through the neck of my vest for the ride home.

I bought a new stock on eBay for $12 shipped, so it was a nice find for me. I have been wanting a cheap airgun for periodic critter problems.

I ended up with 32 miles and over 3,000 feet of climbing. It was a nice start to what I hope will be a long and relaxing vacation.


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